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"How to Make Delicious Stuffed Tofu with Veggies for a Healthy, Flavorful Meal"

Updated: Feb 22


One block firm tofu

One small onion diced

One carrot diced

One-half each red, green, yellow peppers

One cup fresh or frozen peas

One-half cup corn

Fresh parsley chopped as a garnish cooked and added raw.

Three cups water

One to two tablespoons soy sauce to taste

Toasted organic sesame oil or any good quality oil about 2 cups

One quarter cup of starch such as Kuzu root powder or organic flour mix with one half water

Chopped scallions for garnish

Drain the tofu to let out excess liquid. This can be done just by putting a weight on top of the tofu block, allowing it drain on to a towel or sink for at least 2 hours. Slice tofu in 1/2 inches. Then cut across on the diagonal making a triangle.

Deep fry in good quality oil until golden brown, drain, rinse. Slice into the center of the tofu to create a triangle pouch. Put in a saucepan with about 3 cups water, bring to boil, add tofu, allow to cook until tofu floats. Lower flame, add soy sauce (choice) simmer.


This is a bit of a fancy dish, it can have a pretty presentation and can be very tasty.

It is not a beginners recipe because it has many steps.

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