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Whole Grains

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— Mary Smith McCabe

Mission Statement

Most of the time when I'm at home, you can find me in the kitchen. It's almost like a reflex for me, I just can't resist the urge to experiment with new recipes and ideas! Sometimes, I look in the fridge and say "oh these veggies need to be used now". That is where my day will go, creating a dish depending on the foods that need to be used before I lose them. Voila! A new slant of a dish is created. 


My cooking adventures are infinite to plant-based only ingredients. I have lived without eating any animal meat for almost fifty years. I have worked continuously at mastering the art of making healthy meals that are not only balanced and nutritious, yet, are also scrumptious and fulfilling. It has been a daunting challenge which I am always the student; the food my teacher, the cooking my guide. 


Having the ability to create something delicious and nutritious on my own is a source of great security and independence for me. My ultimate aspiration is to share that skill to you who want to be the control center of your own healthy consumption. I want to be a conduit for anyone who wants to super fast forward their cooking and food choices in a way that is simple and easy, without using any animal products. 

Join me for a journey together, where we are always learning and hopefully transforming the direction of our great earth and bodies, by living without depending on agricultural animal farming and killing. I am here to share what I have learned through the years and give to anyone who is receptive.



       "Thank you, Mary!

       We had a great time.

          Delicious food.

  Comfortable accommodations

    and outstanding hospitality.


   A truly rejuvenating getaway."

      Eric and Nena Stetson

           June 25, 2023


"I have been acquainted with Mary McCabe for more than a decade. I originally went to her vegan cooking class in 2011. I had been a vegetarian prior but changed my eating habits because I felt a need for something more in my diet, like meat. Mary's cooking has been very delicious and satisfying and negates the need to have something more filling. A great healthy alternative for those who who want to have something different."

                 Andrew Alan Sciranka, M.D.

                     Oceanview, New Jersey

                                July, 2023

"The meals are always amazing and memorable. Mary has been our guest chef for many meals and she has a long history in Philadelphia, due to her restaurants and teaching. Mary's Restaurant was the longest running Macrobiotic restaurant

in Philadelphia."

                Denny Waxman 



        Strengthening Health Institute


"I cooked in person with Mary several times, and she demonstrated her immense skill as a chef and cooking instructor during those times. She taught me to make several difficult dishes patiently and in enough detail that I remember to this day."


                Five Stars!

            Zossima Granger

                 July 2023

Pink Cream


"I love coming to Mary's place. It's a charming house with lovely whimsical gardens. The back deck overlooking the gardens is the perfect spot for relaxing with an evening breeze. The bedrooms are cozy with very comfortable linens. There is a box fan to let the fresh air in or a window AC unit and TV is provided. There are two inside and one outdoor shower to use. Our host is accommodating and professional. She has a green thumb and it's delightful to see all the plants she tends inside and outside her home. The tiny vases of flowers, freshly picked from the garden are in the room, made me smile. The night sky is breathtaking, with so many stars and the brightness of the moon. The front porch is quaint and cozy, a perfect spot for conversation or reading a book. Looking forward to returning."

                          Thanks again, Mary!


                        Enjoy this hidden gem! 

              Christine Bedard- Pennsylvania


"I have known Mary for over six years and I am very glad she has introduced me to world of Macrobiotics, so different than my Puerto Rican upbringing. She has shared countless wonderful and delicious meals with me over the years staying with her. I never knew that the combinations of vegetables, grains, herbs, and condiments, with the Japanese infusion could make such flavorful and satisfying dishes. Having learned to cook with so many traditional and whole  foods. Mary's cuisine is a testament to how healthy cooking can be so pure and tasty." 

                 Jimmy Cintron

             Baltimore, Maryland               

                 August 2023

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