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"How to Make a Mouthwatering Fresh Jersey Peaches Compote?"

Updated: Feb 22

It's summer in New Jersey! Finally, we have Jersey peaches, naturally sweet and delicious. Here is an easy, quick way to make fresh peaches into a dessert or sauce as a creative side companion to many dishes.


  1. Two peaches sliced thinly and evenly

  2. 1 1/4 cups apple juice

  3. Pinch sea salt

  4. One Tbsp. Kuzu or arrowroot starch mix with two Tbsp. apple juice or water

  5. One Tbsp. Maple syrup (optional) makes it sweeter.


  1. Peel peaches if not organic. Slice thin.

  2. Bring juice and peaches to a near boil with a pinch of salt.

  3. Mix the starch with liquid to melt smoothly, with no lumps.

  4. Lower the flame, stir the starch slurry into the peaches, and keep going until smooth.

  5. Add the maple syrup.

This dish keeps well in the fridge for many days. Allow cooling before refrigeration.

The recipe makes approximately four servings.

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