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Delicious and Healthy Stuffed Cucumber Rolls - A Perfect Appetizer for Any Occasion

Updated: Feb 22

Stuffed Cucumber Rolls

In the summer and warmer weather it is so refreshing to have cucumbers in our lives. They are so cooling, full of life's moisture, amd the cool crispness we crave during the heat of constant soft warmth. All you need to do is peel a cucumber cut in one inch to two inch lengths, use a cucmber corer or scoop out the center, (use for stock) and wrap it in anything that will stay wrapped. Suggestions: Use Nori sea vegetable to wrap the inner portions, such as cooked rice, tasty crushed cooked seasoned beans, a tofu mixture, fresh micro greens, red or white raddishes, slivered carrots, the list is endless and fun to create. Remember to put a bit of a yummy taste inside to make the whole dish pop with flavor: such as, hints of wasabi, ginger, mint, cilantro, toasted sesame oil, miso, lemon, lime, crushed toasted sesame seeds, tahini, pickles, ginger pickles. You want to enhance the cooling refreshment, nothing heavy, very light.

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