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Spring Miso Soup

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Spring Miso Soup


2-3 cups water and one square inch Kombu Sea Kelp soaked

1 /4 small onion sliced thin

One-third block of tofu diced small

A few tiny strips of Wakame Sea Veg thinly sliced

One green onion scallion - white part thinly diced -

2-3 white mushrooms thinly sliced

1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp. white miso

Top of green scallion sliced thinly save for garnish


  1. Bring the water and kombu to a slow boil, remove kombu, set aside for later use.

  2. Add onions, allow to become transparent, add tofu, when tofu floats to the top, add wakame and mushrooms. Ladle some broth into a cup with the miso to soften, lower the flame to a simmer, add the melted miso. Do not boil miso, since miso is a live food, boiling will kill the microorganisms contained in the life of the miso.

  3. When the broth begins to move in a waving motion, 3 to 5 minutes turn it off and serve with the fresh scallions on top. This soup does not take long to make. It will keep in the fridge if leftover, but best served right away.

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