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Poached Pears

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


2 Whole organic pears w/ stems

Ripe Bosc, Anjou, or Bartlett

One cup of apple or pear juice

1 Tbsp Kuzu or starch plus

2 Tbsp water or juice to mix

1 Tbsp Maple or Rice syrup

A couple of grains of sea salt


There are lots of ways to cut out the core of a pear. It is a matter of digging out the part you don’t want to eat. One of my favorite chefs for creatively accurate cooking information is Alton Brown, he directs us to use a flat drill. I found this to be a little violent for the defenseless pear.

  1. Cut out the bottom of each pear with a paring knife.

  2. Using an apple core or Bird’s Beak paring knife is effortless to carve out the core.

  3. Just make sure you only go halfway up to keep the whole pear intact.

  4. Place the pears in a small saucepan close together, so they stand straight up.

  5. Add the juice, syrup, and salt.

  6. Bring to a near boil, cover, and lower the flame to a simmer.

  7. Mix the kudzu with 2 Tbsp liquid.

  8. Cook the pears until they are tender.

  9. Gently stir in the kudzu mixture around the pears.

  10. Spoon the sauce over the pears for a few minutes, allowing the sauce to thicken around the pears.

  11. To remove the pears from the pan, lift them with a small flat spatula, holding the stem without pulling it out—place in a lovely dessert dish.

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