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Our Daily Bread, Fragrant Fresh Flours & The Fruits of Our Labors

Updated: Jan 30

This is a big subject! Wow, where to begin...

Grain & Bread connect to so many sayings:

"Bread is the staff of life",

"Home is where the heart is", "With a grain of salt", "Give us our daily bread this day", "One grain ten thousand grains".

Our human history begins around gathering wild grasses, grains, & around the hearth and baking bread.

Go ahead & take the dive into bread making - you won't be disappointed!


Many ovens have a proof function which is great, if not set your oven for the lowest temperature, when it reaches 110° (F) turn the oven off, the goal is around 75 to 85 degrees

keep the door closed. Yeast dies at 138° (F).

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