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"Exploring the Benefits and Culinary Versatility of Millet: A Master Grain"

Updated: Feb 13

Millet is one of the most versatile and understated of all the grains. How to cook and use this remarkable tiny grain millet in so many ways from warm creamy porridge, fluffy main or

side dish, nori wrapped appetizer, corn crusted tempura squares and easy preparations.

Fluffy Cooked Millet

One cup millet

2/3 tsp. sea salt

Three cups water

One-half-inch piece kombu

Toasted Millet

  1. Wash millet, drain in a mesh strainer, allow it to dry.

  2. Warm up a cast iron skillet on a medium flame.

  3. Toast lightly the drying millet until lightly golden and smells wonderfully nutty, set aside.

  4. Bring water and kombu to a near boil, remove kombu, save for another use.

  5. Lower the flame to medium, pour in the millet and salt, stir to mix. 6. Place a flame tamer/diffuser under the pot. Cook for about 40 minutes

Boiling Millet Cooked Millet

  1. After millet is cooked, you can place it in a dish to become firm and use it in many other ways. Flatten the top of the millet to be smooth and cover the top so it does not dry out. You can refrigerate to use later or when firm, you can use right away.

  2. Various Suggestions:

  3. Cut into tiny squares.

  4. Pan fry in a little oil, turn to be golden brown.

  5. Make a tempura batter, dip squares into batter and deep fry, serve immediately with a ginger soy dipping sauce or your own favorite.

Firming of Millet

Soft Creamy Millet Cereal

To serve as a creamy warming cereal:

  1. Add sufficient water or favorite organic plant milk to mix with cooked millet.

  2. Warm up on a low flame until desired consistency. Add condiments such as toasted seeds, nuts, nori, gomashio, (sesame salt), wakame furikake, umeboshi, or a sweetener.

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