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"How to Create a Creamy Vegan Corn Chowder Using Fresh Corn Off the Cob"

Updated: Feb 13

Here's a beautiful way to use fresh corn when it is available in the summer. When eight ears of fresh corn are sold for $2.00, it's time to produce creative ways to use them. With the summer ending and the season beginning to change, this is a great soup to enjoy on those rainy fall days.


  1. Six cups water

  2. Four ears of corn with husk

  3. One-half whole onion diced

  4. One cup celery diced

  5. Two carrots diced (peel if needed)

  6. One cup soymilk

  7. One tsp. sea salt

  8. One Tbsp. white miso

  9. One tsp. non-toasted sesame oil

  10. One tsp. soy sauce

  11. Parsley, scallion garnish

  12. Fresh and dried thyme for taste

  13. Six baby tomatoes chopped

  14. Toasted croutons (optional) Recipe follows.


  1. Wash whole ears of corn and remove outer husks leaving the inner ones that are clean. Cut off both ends.

  2. Bring water and whole corn to a boil—cover and cook for 15 minutes.

  3. Remove corn from stock water and skim or strain any silk left in the pot.

  4. When cooled, remove the husks, and discard them, hopefully to compost.

  5. Cut off the corn from the cob. Set it aside.

  6. Warm up a heavy pan, such as cast iron. Add the oil and diced onion with a dash of sea salt. When the onion turns transparent, add diced celery and carrot.

  7. Simmer together until tender. Add the vegetables to the corn stock. Spoon some of the stock onto the sauté pan to get all the remaining goodness and pour it into the soup pot.

  8. Add sea salt, tomatoes, and corn. Cook on medium-low for 20 minutes. Add soy milk. Melt the miso with a bit of stock to add and soy sauce to taste. Add fresh and or dried thyme. Simmer for another few minutes, do not boil at this stage to keep the enzymes alive in the miso and soy sauce.

  9. Add chopped parsley and scallion to garnish. When adding croutons, do it before serving to keep their crispness.


This chowder can be kept well in the fridge, ensuring it is cooled. You can also add potatoes for a truer chowder, preferably organic. To make it creamier, blend part of it with an immersion blender.

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